Resume of Prof.Jia. Duan:

Jia. Duan, Artist & Professor, painter, writer,  filmmaker (animation and documentary screenwriter, director, art designer, music arranger, independent producer).

Jia was born in an artist's family. Her parents are both outstanding artists in China. Jia started to learn painting before 16 years old. After China's Cultural Revolution, as the first of University students, she graduated from Art Department of Prestigious Beijing Film Academy. Then, she went to China Central Music Academy to study music theory. From 1986, she started her own artistic film creation and gradually became one of the influential Chinese filmmakers of the fifth generation and an outstanding professor. From 2018, she settled in Vancouver, Canada working as an independent filmmaker and painter till now.

1.Occupation and teaching:

2011-2018. Dean of Animation Art Department, Beijing Film Academy MCMC, Professor & Animation art director & producer.

2010. Guest professor at Concordia University Film school in Montreal, Canada, Taught the Spring Course of Chinese Animation History and Aesthetics.

2001-2011. Professor & master tutor of Beijing Film Academy, research direction: wold animation history & theory, screenwriting, director, and art design of animation.

2000-2004 Director of Animation Major of Fine Art Academy, China Renmin University.

1993-2001 Animation professional teacher of Beijing Film Academy.

1984-1993 Animation screenwriter, director of China Central Television(CCTV).

2. Selected Teaching Achievement

2015-2018   As a Founder & Dean , Producer & Art Director of animation art department of Beijing Film Academy MCMC, within five years student’s works awarded 100 Chinese mainland and international awards.

For example:

2018. Peach Blossom Spring (puppet animation) Excellent Animation Award at the Moscow International Film Festival.

2017  School Road (2D hand-drawn animation ) Selected for the SPARK ANIMATION FESTIVAL Vancouver in Canada; The second prize of the Seoul International Animation Festival, South Korea; The first prize of China Qingdao Animation Competition 2016.

2015. Anonymous Wind (3D animation) The First Prize of the World Youth Animation Festival French. etc.

3. Publications:

2008. "World Animation Film History" Academic monograph. Rated as an excellent textbook by the Ministry of Education of China.

2000   "Dream Butterfly Collection" Acollection of personal animated film dramas and essays

4,Personal artistic film creation achievements and awards: 

A. Animation Representative Works:

2005   "Lotus", the art animation film (3D animation), as a screenwriter, director, art design, music arranger, and independent producer.

The film won 10 awards in related international competitions in China, including: 

2005   Hangzhou International Animation Festival Gold Award. Changzhou International Animation Festival Gold AwardBeijing International CG Competition Gold Award, China Film Huabiao Award (Government). Golden Rooster Award (Academic) etc.

2006  China Animation Society Best Short Film. First Prize of Chinese Cultural Heritage CG Competition.

"Lotus" was selected for international film festivals in different countries such as:

2016, Moscow International Film Festival Forum, Russia.

2013, Cannes International Animation Film Festival Chinese Animation;  Collected by the Chinese Film Archives Center in Paris. France.

2008, Montreal International Film Festival Chinese animation unit,Canada.

2007, Brussels International Film Festival, Belgium.

2006, International Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart -Festival of animated Film, Germany.

2006, Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska, USA.

2005, Olympia International Film Festival, Washington State,USA. etc.

1999 "Kiev Gate"(Mussorgsky) music animation (3D&2D) won the second prize of the first computer animation professional group in China.

1988 "The Story of the Red Candle and the Appointment"adapted from a Japanese fairy tale (2D Hand-drawn animation) CCTV Excellent Program Award.

1982 "Star Dream" (Paper cut animation), the second prize of China's first film and television animation competition.

B. Documentary Fime

2005 -2015 "Diary of Swan Lake" the large-scale documentary (movie photography +animation) ,as screenwriter, director & one of the photographers. was filmed. Waiting for post-production.

4.International exchanges and cooperation:

International Judges: 

4.2008   Served as the first review committee of the Seoul International        Animation Festival, South Korea.

6. 2008   Served as the final judge of Zagreb International Animation Film Festival(One of the four major international animation festivals in he world history).Croatia.

International Exchange:

9.2017  Organize and lead a team of teachers and graduates to U.K.Visit the most important museums and art galleries in London. Invited teachers of Royal College of Art and Chelsea College of Art and Design for summer courses. Then, went to Bristol, visited Aardman Animation the most famous company in the UK. and conducted a unit of Stop-Motion course there.

8.2016   Invited by Russian National Film Academy to Moscow summer master class lectures;

11.2015   Speech and screening Chinese classic animation and "Lotus" at the Moscow International Film Festival Forum, Russia,

11.2009 Invited by of San Francisco Film Association to made presentations on Chinese animation art in San Francisco including: Pixar Animation Studio, San Francisco Filmmakers Association, elementary and middle schools and so on.

 9.2008    Invited by Canada National Film Board (NFB) in Montreal, to host a screening of the Chinese animation unit during the International Film Festival including her own animation work Lotus.Participated in the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival. Invited back to Montreal to exchange and lecture with Concordia University Film School animation students

10.2007   Invited by the Chair of ASIFA-San Francisco Society went to San Francisco and Los Angeles, to made presentations ten times on the Magic of Chinese animation art, including: the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, University of California; The Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, Mill Valley Film Festival; San Francisco University‘s Animation Program; Dreamworks' Animation Studio; Lucas film Studio & TV animation studio II; University of California Film School II in San Francisco; University of Southern California; California Academy of Arts, Los Angeles.

6.2006 Invited by International Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart -Festival, made a speech at the Stuttgart High-tech Forum introduced Chinese classic art and animation, Germany.

China-International Activity:

10.2008.   As a Chinese curator, cooperated with Common Ground in Los Angeles, USA, and held an environmental protection art exhibition in Beijing Huantie Time art Gallery, with works of artists from 40 countries.

10.2006   served as the secretary-general, cooperated with International Animation Association (ASIFA)and the School of Communication of Wuhan University to organize the "China Wuhan International Animation Artist Salon Annual Meeting". Outstanding artists from all over the world gathered together and teachers and students from ten universities in Wuhan participated.

With Former Vice Chairman and Chairman of ASFA

With Former Vice Chairman and Chairman of ASFA

5. Exhibitions:

2018,December-2019,March Invited to hold a personal painting exhibition in the St. Andrew's Church, North Vancouver, Canada.

2007,October "Lotus theme"(Lotus video projection and environmental design) was selected into the New horizon International New Media Exhibition of the China Millennium Monument.

1981,October "Deer's vitality" (Oil painting) was selected into the National Youth Art Exhibition of the China National Art Gallery in Beijing.

1976-1977 “Sunflowers in the yard" (Gouache painting) and "Broad land" (woodblock print) Selected to participate in the China National Art Exhibition.

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